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Steve HillenMay 10, 2023 5:38:50 PM2 min read

Agiliz & UNTOLD join forces under SOLIFACTION

Data consultancy company Agiliz and UNTOLD, a team of marketing technologists are working together under SOLIFACTION, a strategic partnership offering comprehensive data & activation solutions for the complex business challenges of large SMEs and enterprise environments.

Agiliz and UNTOLD are pleased to announce the launch of their strategic partnership, SOLIFACTION. This joining of forces aims to assists companies bridge the gap between available data, the associated strategy and the development of an activation plan. This results in better decision-making, optimised business processes and commercial excellence.

SOLIFACTION was born out of the vision to bring together digital strategists and data experts under one roof. This enables both companies to deliver the most advanced use cases that cannot be realized without expertise in both disciplines. Together they provide an end-to-end solution for clients' business and technology challenges in a language that is familiar to both CMO’s and CIO’s.

The unique proposition helps companies start at the strategic level after which a concrete activation plan can be implemented. This will ultimately create the required impact and ensure that technology and data serve the business case.

“SOLIFACTION's objective is to make data available and use it to enhance business processes. Everything is monitored, but the skill is in making the data available, linking it to behavior, selecting the right tools, and making actionable decisions based on that. Together we aim to increase data maturity, not just for the CTO, CIO or CDO. Thus helping organizations to work more effectively towards their commercial and business operational goals.”
- Steve Hillen, Managing Partner at Agiliz

“Many companies invest in data, sales, marketing and business processes, but often lack the knowledge and (data) culture to overcome silo thinking. Every company, large or small, today needs to know how to determine actions and associated budgets. SOLIFACTION helps to interpret data and translate it into concrete action points that lead to optimised business processes and commercial excellence”, says Steve Hillen, Managing Partner of Agiliz. “The new proposition allows us to start with the company's business challenges and then select the appropriate technology. Not the other way around.“

"We believe that our strategic partnership with Agiliz is a game changer for the marketing technology landscape. Together, we bring a unique blend of marketing expertise, technical know-how and data knowledge that will help our clients adapt even better to today's rapidly changing market. "
- Jonas Verhaeghe, Managing Partner and Senior Marketing Technologist at UNTOLD

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